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Getting Write Started

Getting Write Started

After your purchase you will receive an email with links to a download page. Save the download file (make a note of where you save it to) locate the downloaded file and double click to install. Once installed a folder will appear on your desktop.

Once you have installed the font a folder will appear on your desktop then simply follow the instructions and you will be ready to create your own worksheets in no time.

Teach me 2 write is simply a font which, when you open up the Teach Me document from your desktop, it will automatically open up in your default word processor e.g. Word or Wordpad (which comes part of windows Windows XP and vista).

  1. Admin05-05-11

    Q. The Downaload links have expired

  2. Admin05-05-11

    A. The links will only let you have two attempts to download they then Expire…. No problem I will re-activate the links. You will receive another email with the links.

    • Nelle07-26-11

      Why do I bohter calling up people when I can just read this!

      • Ival10-12-11

        Unparalleled accuracy, uneuqiovcal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  3. Julz07-27-11

    Right on-this hleped me sort things right out.

    • Kaycie10-12-11

      Umm, are you really just gvinig this info out for nothing?

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