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E-Flashcards Demo download  //  Key Stage 1

05 May Posted by in E-Flashcards | 1 comment
E-Flashcards Demo download

Demo download

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Here’s a great way to teach your child to read.

In addition to using the traditional printed flashcards why not use e-flashcards, making learning to read more interactive as well as having fun at the same time.

Once you have installed e-flashcards on your computer you can actively sit with your child. Each flashcard lesson displays the letter or word for 10 seconds you can step forward, back and pause the lesson for those tricky words.

The lessons can also be displayed in full screen mode – enabling your child to learn the words passively. The more the child sees words the more familiar the word becomes to the child.

Your child gets to see them whilst playing, watching TV or at the dinner table, the words are just there in the background. Click here for demo download.

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  1. Chuck07-26-11

    I was looking evyerwhere and this popped up like nothing!

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