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FAQ Windows Vista

28 Apr Posted by in FAQ's | Comments
FAQ Windows Vista

If you are using Windows Vista

The first thing to look for is that the software has installed, you should see folder on your desktop called “TEACH ME” If this folder has been created the security setting on you system may not have allowed the font to automatically install, the font will need to be installed manuallly, this is very easy to do.

To resolve this do the following :

Click start (Windows logo bottom left of your desktop)


Now select FONTS -You should now see a list of installed fonts on your system.

Press the ALT Key on your keyboard you should now see a menu appear CLICK FILE, and then click Install New Font.

In the Add Fonts dialog box, under the C Drive, find the WINDOWS folder then select the FONTS folder Scroll down and select install Teach Me Stage 1 then click install

The teach me font should now be installed on your computer. To test it do the following

Click the Start menu
Select RUN from the Menu
In the text box type wordpad
This will open up a basic word processor on your computer
From the drop down box (where you see Arial
scroll down and select Teach Me 1
Now try typing some text, it will appear faint you should now increase the font size from 10 to 72.


If you are still having problems,Please answer the following questions.

Are you using windows XP or Vista or other version.
Do you see the TEACH ME folder on your Desktop.
Do you see a sample of the font when you click the “OPEN THIS FIRST” which is in the TEACH ME Desktop folder.

Should you have any problems please email

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